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    In the past 10 years when filing your income tax returns, have you had years when your income was over $20,000 per year?

    Yes - Income over $20,000 per year.No - Income less than $20,000 per year.

    At True North Disability Services, we specialize in
    Tax Recovery & the Disability Tax Credit!

    With True North Disability Services getting a refund has never been easier! We are leaders in the industry and Canada's most trusted Disability Tax Credit firm. We are here to work for you - and our GUARANTEE is that if we are not successful in getting you a refund, there will be absolutely no charges to you by us. Check out our reviews on the Better Business Bureau, Google and Facebook.

    We complete a full 10 year tax review to look for any unclaimed tax credits that may be available to you!

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    Conditions That May Qualify

    for the Disability Tax Credit

    There is no master A-Z list of conditions that can qualify for the Disability Tax Credit. Eligibility is based upon how you are affected on a daily basis, as opposed to having a specific condition. Conditions that can qualify can be grouped into the following categories

    • Walking

      Is your ability to walk affected? Do you have aches and pains or have to… +

    • Feeding

      Has your ability to feed yourself / eat during meal times been affected?… +

    • Dressing

      Has your ability to dress yourself been affected? If you suffer from limited… +

    • Speaking

      Stuttering, Lisps, Speech Disorders, and Voice Disorders are a few examples… +

    • Hearing

      Do you have difficulty hearing? Do you find yourself having to lip read?… +

    • Elimination

      Do you go to the bathroom more often than the average person? Do you often… +

    • Mental Functions Necessary for Everyday Life

      ADD / ADHD, Anxiety and Depression are all examples of conditions that… +

    • Life Sustaining Therapy

      Being an insulin dependent diabetic or requiring dialysis can qualify… +


    True North Disability Services specializes in tax recovery and the Disability Tax Credit and is committed to helping Canadians claim the benefits they are entitled to. We are an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and have an A+ Rating! We are extremely proud of our clients success stories, and would be happy to help you maximize the benefits you may be entitled to!

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    Why Choose True North Disability Services

    Choosing someone to represent you and act on your behalf to file your claim is not an easy choice. It is important for us to build trust with you before our process even begins. Not only does True North Disability Services have more positive reviews on the Better Business Bureau than any other Disability Tax Credit agency, we are also advocates in our community, and the fundamentals of our business begin with our story.

    • Our Story

      The fundamental reason of why we exist starts with our story. Our founders have had direct personal experience… +

    • Our Experience

      We understand the Disability Tax Credit process inside & out & we have personally gone through the process… +

    • Our Transparency

      We believe glass-like transparency is incredibly important. We want to ensure that our clients… +

    • Our Care

      Our clients always come first. Our track record is proven. Our clients love to work with us because… +

    • Our Competitive Rates

      Our 100% GUARANTEE is that if we are not successful in getting you a refund, there will be absolutely no charges… +

    Helping is our Passion!

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    Our process and how we work

    How We Help Our Clients

      • True North Disability Services helps Canadians living with eligible health conditions qualify for the DTC (Disability Tax Credit).

      • We specialize in maximizing the benefits in which our clients receive and focus on simplifying the entire process.

      • The Disability Tax Credit is a non-refundable credit, meaning your refund is based on your taxable income. We complete a full 10 year tax assessment to identify any years with low or no income, and make recommendations on how we can transfer those credits in order to maximize your refund.