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    In the past 10 years when filing your income tax returns, have you had years when your income was over $20,000 per year?

    Yes - Income over $20,000 per year.No - Income less than $20,000 per year.

    Disability Tax Credit Calculator

    The Disability Tax Credit is a non-refundable tax credit, meaning your refund is based on your taxable income, or that of a supporting family member/spouse. It is retroactive up to the last 10 years, so your refunds are based upon your tax returns during this time period. There is a federal amount claimed on line 31600 (2019 and greater - prior to this, was line 316) and a provincial amount claimed on line 58440 (2019 and greater - prior to this, was line 5844).

    The first thing True North Disability Services does when we have a new client is complete a full 10 year tax assessment. This is done for a variety of reasons. We check for anything that may affect your claim (bankruptcy's, consumer proposals, previously eligible for the Disability Tax Credit) just to name a few.

    We also review if the Working Income Tax Benefit may be applied once eligible for the Disability Tax Credit, and how much federal and provincial taxes have been paid for each tax year. As mentioned earlier, because the DTC is a non-refundable tax credit - refunds are based on taxable income. By completing a full assessment, this allows us to ensure our clients not only have taxable income to claim the refund, but also identify any years with low/no income where unused credits may be transferred to a supporting family member/spouse in order to maximize your claim value.

    Last Updated: January 3, 2024.

    Calculating how much of a refund you may be eligible for is based on a variety of factors – your income, your province of residence, your age (if you are an adult or a minor), and if there have been any bankruptcy’s or consumer proposals. The Base Amount and the Supplement Amount are determined by the federal and provincial regulations and are subject to change every year. Furthermore, each province’s base & supplemental amounts are different.

    The following calculator is meant to give you an estimate on how much of a refund may be available to you. This is meant as a guide only as a full analysis would have to be completed in order to have a better estimate.

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