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    In the past 10 years when filing your income tax returns, have you had years when your income was over $20,000 per year?

    Yes - Income over $20,000 per year.No - Income less than $20,000 per year.

    Why Choose Us?

    Simply said, at True North we want to be the change. We want to change the way Canadians, including both Doctors and Patients see the Disability Tax Credit. We aim to bridge the gap between the CRA, Doctors and Canadians and bring insight, simplicity and advocacy to the Disability Tax Credit. Unlike our competitors, TNDS goes above and beyond for every single one of our clients. Our process is different because we are built on the foundation of truly helping others first before anything else. We believe that glass-like transparency, creating a world class experience and being the catalyst for change is of an unparalleled importance.

    Our Story

    The fundamental reason of why we exist starts with our story. Our founders have had direct personal experience with the Disability Tax Credit and have experienced first hand the lack of awareness, frustration and challenges that exist surrounding the DTC. Over the past year, the CRA has come under allegations that it has not been following the law of the Income Tax Act, and wrongfully denying many Canadian’s living with specifc Disabilities the right to claim the Disability Tax Credit. True North Disability Services was extremely pro-active in fighting this, and met with Members of Parliament from across the country to ensure that our clients were given the benefits they were entitled to. We are proud to say – we were extremely successful in this, and will continue to fight for those that are eligible. We are very proactive in fighting for fairness with the Disability Tax Credit, and were invited to join the Disability Tax Fairness Alliance which is composed of organizations across Canada fighting for fairness and equitable rights in regards to the Disability Tax Credit. We were very proud and honored to accept this invitation.

    Our Experience

    We understand the Disability Tax Credit process inside and out and we have personally gone through the process ourselves. We have worked with thousands of clients from coast to coast with a wide-variety of eligible health conditions and have helped them qualify for the benefits they deserve and are entitled to. We understand the CRA requirements, processes and the multitude of challenges that exist. Our reviews from our clients speak for themselves.

    Our Transparency

    We believe glass-like transparency is incredibly important. We want to ensure that our clients always come out ahead and not further behind. We make it our mission to earn trust and truly help our clients.

    Our Care

    Our clients always come first. Our track record is proven. Our clients love to work with us because we are real people that drive for real results. We keep our clients updated through the entire process and advocate for our clients when no one else will.

    Our Competitive Rates

    Our 100% GUARANTEE is that if we are not successful in getting you a refund, there will be absolutely no charges to you by us. We encourage our clients to shop around. We offer some of the lowest rates in the industry, and are extremely proud of our clients success stories. Only once you have received your refund from the Canada Revenue Agency, would we invoice you for 20% of the recovered funds. Moving forward, the credit is 100% yours to claim. We only invoice on the retroactive portion we are able to recover for you.

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