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    Celebrating a Decade of Service: True North Disability Services Turns 10!

    As we mark our 10th anniversary at True North Disability Services, we reflect on a decade filled with growth, learning, and unwavering commitment to our mission. Over the past ten years, we've had the privilege of supporting countless individuals, helping them navigate the challenges of disability with dignity and grace.

    Our Journey

    From our humble beginnings, we've strived to be a beacon of hope and support for those in need. Our journey started with a simple yet powerful vision: to provide assistance to Canadians applying for the Disability Tax Credit. Over the past 10 years, True North Disability Services has grown to become Canada's most trusted Disability Tax Credit service provider!

    As a Type 1 diabetic myself, my story has been well-documented throughout the last decade of the company. I was initially told by my physician that I was not "disabled" and had to be in a wheelchair to qualify, which I knew to be 100% false. After educating my physician on the requirements of the Disability Tax Credit, despite some pushback, my physician signed my application. A few months later, my physician received some follow-up paperwork that they were unsure how to complete and asked me to come in for an appointment. After reviewing the documentation with my physician and answering the additional questions, the paperwork was sent off to the CRA. Every interaction I had with my physician regarding this process seemed to have a negative element to it, as I was continuously told I was not "disabled" and wouldn’t qualify. With respect, you do not have to be "disabled" to claim the Disability Tax Credit. A short time later, much to my physician's surprise, I was approved. Shortly thereafter, True North Disability Services was born. Over the years, we have continuously adapted to meet the evolving needs of our community. Our team of dedicated professionals has grown, each bringing their unique expertise and passion to our cause.

    Milestones and Achievements

    Our journey has been marked by numerous milestones and achievements. We've:

    • Assisted thousands of clients from across Canada in securing disability benefits, ensuring they receive the support they deserve.
    • Exposed the CRA for wrongfully denying all diabetics in 2017 and had this overturned.
    • Proudly joined the Disability Tax Fairness Alliance, consisting of leading health organizations from across Canada.
    • Fought the Government of Canada and won an interlocutory injunction against legislation that would negatively impact the lives of Canadians living with disabilities.

    Client Stories

    The heart of True North Disability Services lies in the stories of our clients. Each success story is a testament to our dedication and the resilience of those we serve. We are proud of the positive impact we've made and continue to make in the lives of Canadians across the country.

    Looking Ahead

    As we celebrate this significant milestone, we are filled with gratitude and excitement for the future. Our commitment to our clients remains steadfast, and we are eager to continue our mission for many more decades to come.

    Thank You

    We couldn't have reached this milestone without the unwavering support of our clients, partners, and dedicated team. To everyone who has been a part of our journey, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your trust and collaboration have been the cornerstone of our success.

    Here's to the next decade of True North Disability Services—together, we will continue to light the way for those navigating the challenges of disability.

    Shane Nercessian
    Managing Partner
    True North Disability Services

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