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    In the past 10 years when filing your income tax returns, have you had years when your income was over $20,000 per year?

    Yes - Income over $20,000 per year.No - Income less than $20,000 per year.



    Astigmatism is a defect in the eye which causes blurred version, fatigue, and headaches. Regular Astigmatism, which is the more common of the 2 types, arises from either the cornea or crystalline lens. Irregular Astigmatism is often caused by a corneal scar or scattering in the crystalline lens. This cannot be corrected by standard spectacle lenses, however it may be by contact lenses.

    Astigmatism causes the eye or eyes to lose focus at any distance. Generally this may be fixed by glasses, however surgery is generally a good alternative.

    If you or someone you care for suffers from Astigmatism, the Disability Tax Credit may be an unexplored option in which you may be entitled to a significant amount of money. Once qualified, you may be entitled to additional benefits through a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP).

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