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    In the past 10 years when filing your income tax returns, have you had years when your income was over $20,000 per year?

    Yes - Income over $20,000 per year.No - Income less than $20,000 per year.



    Depression is a complex disorder of the mind where individuals will have reoccurring episodes where they will feel symptoms of sadness, emptiness or hopelessness for a period of time and then over time those symptoms will disappear. Individuals suffering from depression will often also display angry outbursts, irritability and/or frustration over simple matters.

    It is a condition from which people take a very long time to recover- if they do recover. Some individuals live with depression for their entire lives, controlling it through therapy and/or medication. Depression reoccurs in most individuals at random times. It can be triggered for individuals by their life events or some individual’s depression will be triggered by the change in weather. How depressive symptoms are brought out change from person to person.

    If you or someone you care for suffers from depression, you may be eligible for a large refund from the Canada Revenue Agency through the Disability Tax Credit program. We are Disability Tax Credit experts and have experience working with thousands of Canadians with a multitude of medical conditions. We would be happy to discuss your specific case with you and help determine if you may be eligible to claim the Disability Tax Credit, and receive a refund from the Canada Revenue Agency. Contact Us Today!

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