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    Memory Problems

    Memory Problems

    Memory problems can occur at all ages and they have the ability to disrupt your daily life. Some memory problems can be minor such as forgetting what you were going to do or say. However, in more severe cases memory problems can occur where you forgot your name, address, where you were going etc. In some more extreme cases, memory loss can lead to Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

    Normal age-related memory loss doesn't prevent you from living a full and productive life. For example, you may forget a person's name, but recall it later in the day. You might misplace your glasses occasionally. Or maybe you find that you need to make lists more often than in the past in order to remember appointments or tasks. These changes in memory are generally manageable and don't disrupt your ability to work, live independently or maintain a social life.

    In terms of the Disability Tax Credit, Memory Problems would typically qualify under "Mental Functions Necessary for Everyday Life". The requirement is that:

    - You must be affected at least 90% of the time
    - Even with the use of medication, it would take you 3x longer than the average person to manage this function of daily living.

    Examples of how Memory Problems can qualify for the Disability Tax Credit are as follows:

    Memory (for example, the ability to remember simple instructions, basic personal information such as name and address, or material of importance and interest);

    Problem-solving, goal-setting, and judgement (for example, the ability to solve problems, set and keep goals, and make appropriate decisions and judgements); and

    Adaptive functioning (for example, abilities related to self-care, health and safety, social skills and common, simple transactions).

    If you or someone you care for suffers from memory problems, you may be eligible for a large refund from the Canada Revenue Agency through the Disability Tax Credit program. We are Disability Tax Credit experts and have experience working with thousands of Canadians with a multitude of medical conditions. We would be happy to discuss your specific case with you and help determine if you may be eligible to claim the Disability Tax Credit, and receive a refund from the Canada Revenue Agency. Contact Us Today!

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