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    Mental Illness

    Mental Illness

    Mental illness encompasses a wide range of mental health conditions. These disorders affect an individual’s mood, thinking and their behavior. Examples include anxiety, depression, addictions, schizophrenia, eating disorders etc.

    When individuals have a mental illness it can directly affect their daily lives. It can affect their mood, their ability to perform tasks and a wide variety of other tasks can be affected. Some mental health conditions can be controlled through medication and others through therapy. Most commonly mental illnesses are managed with both a medication and therapy as a combination.

    Mental illness is a serious issue that affects more Canadians than you might think, in a variety of ways. Most people are unaware that one in five Canadians will suffer from mental illness over the course of their lifetime. While many forms of mental illness can be less obvious to an outside observer, for many people, mental illness is debilitating and can keep them from leading a full life.

    Mental illness can impact virtually every aspect of an individual’s life and can make day to day tasks nearly impossible. That’s why the Disability Tax Credit for Mental Illness is crucial to the quality of life for many Canadians suffering from various forms of mental illness.

    If you or someone you care for suffers from a mental illness, you may be eligible for a large refund from the Canada Revenue Agency through the Disability Tax Credit program. We are Disability Tax Credit experts and have experience working with thousands of Canadians with a multitude of medical conditions. We would be happy to discuss your specific case with you and help determine if you may be eligible to claim the Disability Tax Credit, and receive a refund from the Canada Revenue Agency. Contact Us Today!

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